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Your finished digital content can be delivered on a USB “thumbdrive” formatted for Mac or PC, on DVD/CD, or small orders (up to 4 hours) can be uploaded to Dropbox for web download. 

Our normal turnaround period is 3 to 8 weeks. We compete on quality and price, but are a little slower than some other services. We think it is worth the wait.

RUSH orders are subject to 100% extra charge. In other words, it is twice the normal price for rush orders. Rush pricing is based on our normal prices; no discounts can be applied to rush projects.

Not sure what you want? We can talk you through what format will be best for you!

Our DVDs are professional quality discs with a white printable face and identifying text in a classy clear plastic flip-style low profile case.Your first DVD is included with the charge per item.

Up to 2 hours of content can fit onto a DVD. We typically put 1 tape cassette on 1 DVD. Approximately forty 3 inch/50foot film reels can fit onto 1 DVD. We do not mix film and video formats on 1 DVD, although we can for a small additional charge subject to the scope of the project.

–  Our DVDs are not locked in any way. You can make copies of the DVDs or we can make extra copies for you for just $9.99 per additional copy.

If you really want to future proof your media, you’ll want digital files delivered on a USB flash/thumb/hard drive. We charge $14.99 per USB flashdrive. Digital files are in the universally accepted MPEG4 / H.264 format. We can also deliver Quicktime or AVI movies in DV or ProRes format for an additional charge subject to the scope of the project.

Want both DVD/CD and digital files? No problem! DVDs are $9.99 each, and USB Flashdrives are $14.99. Many videos will fit on 1 thumbdrive. Thumbdrives are custom sized per your order.

We can’t legally convert copyrighted content, like TV or commercial movies. If a tape is blank or has copyrighted material (like a TV show) we won’t make a DVD or digital file from it. There is a $1 charge per tape for these items because it takes us time and machine wear to view them and make sure there isn’t hidden desirable material later in the tape. For example, sometimes people used the same tape to record TV and also family moments. We have to scan the entire tape to make sure this didn’t happen.

We use broadcast quality professional equipment. All work is done in house.

  • Standard Tapes

    Most popular option
  • $14.99per tape
    • VHS, VHS-C, Video 8mm, Hi 8mm, Digital8, miniDV, Betamax, DVcam
    • Color saturation enhancement and “jagged edge” cropping
    • Up to 2 hours of footage can fit onto 1 DVD.  DVDs cost $9.99 each.
    • Delivery on USB flashdrive is a flat fee of $14.99.
  • Professional and Foreign Formats

  • $34.99per tape
    • Betacam, BetaSP, 3/4″ uMatic, HDV, and foreign formats such as PAL or SECAM
    • Color saturation enhancement and “jagged edge” cropping
    • Up to 2 hours of footage can fit onto 1 DVD. DVDs cost $9.99 each.
    • Delivery on USB flashdrive is a flat fee of $14.99.
  • Custom Color Correction

    Add custom color correction to your video!
  • $14.99additional per tape
    • Scene-by-scene, custom color correction by our editors to fix what your camera (or camera person!) got wrong
    • Contrast and brightness adjustment
    • Color saturation enhancement and “jagged edge” cropping
  • Repairs

    We will call before doing any repairs, as they are an extra cost
  • $14.99per tape
    • Broken tapes and splices repaired
      • Tapes that you have tried to repair yourself with scotch tape (yikes!) cannot be transferred and will have to be re-spliced
    • “Seized” tapes that won’t play or rewind have to go through a special time-intensive, controlled heat conditioning process
    • Moldy tapes that must be cleaned
    • Not all tapes can be repaired, but most can.
  • Editing

    Want to be a producer?
  • $30per hour
    • Once you receive your initial conversions, you can use the “timecode” to note the shots you want to keep, delete, rearrange etc.
    • You send us your notes, and we make the edits.
    • Typical editing sessions are about an hour or two.

We use the latest frame-by-frame film scanners to capture your films in HD. In other words, we do not use projectors to project on a wall and capture with a video camera! We inspect and repair your film before using our HD scanners. Minor film repairs are included in the cost of your conversion.

We only charge for viewable film. If your reel is only half full, you’ll only be charged for the footage on the film. Our film scanners count the length of your footage while it is being digitized for accuracy.
To help estimate the cost of your film, use this reel diameter reference:

3 inch – 50 feet                    7 inch – 400 feet
4 inch – 100 feet                  8 inch – 600 feet
5 inch – 200 feet                10 inch – 800 feet
6 inch – 300 feet                12 inch – 1200 feet

  • 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm film Conversion

  • 25¢per foot
    • A typical 3″ 50 foot reel of film would cost $12.49. See the chart above to estimate your cost for larger diameter reels.
    • Automatic Exposure Control
    • Up to 2 hours of footage can fit onto 1 DVD. Each 50 feet of film is approximately 3 minutes. DVDs cost $9.99 each.
    • Delivery on USB flashdrive is a flat fee of $14.99.
  • ADDITIONAL Color Correction

  • 25¢per foot additional
    • 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm film
    • Manual scene-by-scene color correction, fix bad colors, brighten dark scenes, etc
    • Color saturation enhancement and “jagged edge” cropping

  • 25¢per foot additional
    • Film with sound is an ADDITIONAL cost.
    • The film and audio are matched up perfectly by one of our editors, hence the higher price.
    • Extraction of sound from films is dependent on the quality of films. Films with mold, that are brittle, or otherwise damaged may not be able to have sound extracted.
    • 8mm films with sound often have a metallic stripe on the opposite side from sprocket holes. 16mm films with sound typically have only 1 side of sprocket holes. 16mm films that are silent have sprocket holes on both sides.
  • Restorative Cleaning and Repair

    We will call before soaking any reels, as they are an extra cost
  • 25¢per foot additional
    • Film that is moldy, crinkled, cracking, or smell like vinegar is salvageable, but requires time intensive TLC
    • Hand cleaning with special film cleaner to remove any debris on the film
    • A Restorative Bath softens the film and stabilizes it so it may be digitized
    • The process may take several months depending on the severity of damage
    • Many films will be able to be digitized, but the image may be badly damaged, and the film will be pliable but curled, making focus unsharp at times.
    • We will ask permission before any of this work is done.
  • Editing

    Want to be a producer?
  • $30per hour
    • Sit down and edit with a real editor. You call the shots as we edit.
    • Pick what footage you would like to include or get rid of, help put footage in the correct order, or split up your video into special segments. You know your memories best!
    • Typical editing sessions are about an hour or two.
  • 33, 45, or 78 rpm records

  • $24.99per album
    • 33, 45, or 78 rpm records
    • We use specialized styli (“needles”) for album type.
    • Each record is deep cleaned to remove dirt and grime.
    • Includes “pop and crackle” removal.
    • Additional editing, such as volume normalization and custom editing costs $19.99 per item.
    • Up to 70 minutes fit onto 1 CD. CDs cost $9.99 each.
    • Delivery on USB flashdrive is a flat fee of $14.99.
  • Audio Cassette

  • $19.99per cassette
    • Includes hiss reduction
    • Up to 70 minutes can fit onto 1 CD. CDs cost $9.99 each.
    • Delivery on USB flashdrive is a flat fee of $14.99.
    • We can deliver as MP3 via email digital delivery.
    • We capture using a professional analog-to-digital converter at minimum 48khz / 16 bit.
  • Reel-to-Reel tape

  • 75¢per minute
    • Delivery on CD is $9.99. Up to 70 minutes can fit onto a CD.
    • Delivery on USB flashdrive is a flat fee of $14.99.
    • We can deliver MP3 via email.
    • We use a professional analog-to-digital converter at a minimum of 48khz/16 bit.
    • Charged per usable minute of audio. Please contact for an estimate, as lengths can vary greatly.
    • Custom editing incurs an additional charge of $19.99 per item
      • dynamic volume balancing (making high volumes lower and low volumes higher)
      • splitting and rearranging segments or tracks
  • 8 track

  • $100per cassette
    • Volume increase and treble hiss reduction
    • Includes one delivery method: CD, Dropbox upload, or digital file on thumbdrive (thumbdrives are charged at market price- no upcharge).
    • 8 track repair is included in the cost
  • Editing

    Customize your content
  • $19.99per hour
    • Pops, crackles, and hiss are already included in basic pricing.
    • If there is a wide range of volumes, for example, there may be loud music followed by a soft voice, we can balance out those dynamics for $19.99 per item.
    • Rearranging segments and tracks costs more because our editors manually adjust and edit.
  • Repairs

  • $14.99per tape or reel
    • For the more damaged audio items that require some more TLC
    • Includes reels/tapes that must be cleaned to kill mold, or old splices that must be replaced
    • Includes special heat restoration process to help reels that may be falling apart or sticky (for polyester tape only, not for acetate)
    • We can’t repair tape that is falling apart and “shedding” the brown magnetic layer.

We use high quality scanners to get the best quality possible. We do not project your slides on to a wall like other competitors. Images can be delivered via our private website (free), on a CD for $9.99,  or put on a thumbdrive for $14.99.

  • Photos

    as low as
  • ¢35per photo
    • Scanned at 600 dpi
    • 1-5 $4.99 each
    • 6-25 $1.99 each
    • 26-50 $1.49 each
    • 51-100 $0.99 each
    • 101-250 $0.74 each
    • 251-500 $0.48 each
    • 501-… $035 each
  • Slides

    as low as
  • ¢60per slide
    • Slides are scanned at 1000 dpi
    • Digital Dust and Scratch Removal is included in the price
    • 1-5 $9.99 each
    • 6-25 $2.49 each
    • 26-50 $1.99 each
    • 51-100 $1.49 each
    • 101-250 $0.99 each
    • 251-500 $0.69 each
    • 501-… $0.60 each
  • Slideshows

    as low as
  • $35Contact for Estimate
    • Make your images into a slideshow to enjoy your images for years to come.
    • Slideshows can include stock music, music that you own, and any other special requests you may have.
    • Slides last approximately 5 seconds each
    • 1-25 images : 2 minutes : $35
    • 26-50 images : 4 minutes : $45
    • 51-100 images : 8 minutes : $55
    • 101-250 images : 21 minutes : $65
    • 251-499 images : 42 minutes : $75
    • 500 – 1000 images : 83 minutes : $125

Here are some other services we provide that can be added on to your conversion order. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, we still may be able to do it! Just contact us via email or phone to find out.

  • DVD Index

  • $2.50per button
    • Custom, interactive chapter index for your DVD
    • Editors create a custom index scene with “buttons” that relate to the beginning of each new scene so you can jump right to your favorite parts
    • Easily skip through your footage and no need to sit and fast forward through scenes!
    • A great option for tapes that are full of many different events that you need to which you want to add custom titles.
  • Custom Printed Titles

  • $2.50per DVD/CD
    • We print directly onto the DVD/CD and can label discs with whatever you request
    • Our printing machine does not smear and keeps your DVDs/CDs looking uniform
    • Perfect if you know what is on your tapes/reels and want to keep them organized and neat looking
    • Just indicate upon order what you would like each tape/reel to be titled
    • There is a limited amount of space on the DVD face. Limit 150 characters.
  • Custom Filenames

  • $1.25per file
    • We put a serial number on each tape and name each digital file delivered on USB flashdrive with the corresponding name. If you want additional text added to your filename, we can add that data.
    • So in addition to, for example, “4015-002” as the file name, it could be “4015-002 Danny Boy’s Birthday, 1998”
    • We often find that the labels on a tape spine is incorrect, so we do not automatically use what is written on the tape or film.
  • Extra DVD/CD copies

  • $9.99per copy
    • Want extra copies of the tape, film, or audio you just converted? No problem!
    • Copies are just $9.99 each.
    • USB Flashdrives are $14.99 each.
  • Custom Editing

  • $30per hour
    • Want footage edited or removed? Rearranged? Special titles and effects added in your video? We can probably do it.
    • We charge $30/hour for video editing. Contact us for details.
  • Mini DVDs

  • $18per DVD
    • We can create a standard size DVD or digital file from your mini DVD
    • Please note: your mini DVD may need to be “finalized” using the same brand video camera as was used to capture the video. For example, if you used a Sony DVD camcorder and did not “finalize” the disc, we will have to finalize it for you. We charge $4.50 for finalization. If you still have the camera, it is helpful if you bring it in or ship it to us with your mini DVDs.
    • Includes one delivery method: DVD, upload to Dropbox, or digital file on thumbdrive (thumbdrives are charged at market price- no upcharge).
  • DVD and CD Replication

  • $14.99per disc
    • For DVD/CDs NOT made by us, we can still digitize them for you!
    • Includes one delivery method: DVD/CD, upload to Dropbox, or digital file on thumbdrive. Thumbdrives are a flat charge of $14.99 each.
    • Additional copies are $9.99 each.
  • Floppy Disk or Zip Disk data extraction

  • $50per disk
    • Floppy Disk or Zip Disk copy to CD/thumbdrive. Yes you read it correctly. We can still look at those old floppy disks. We cannot guarantee that the data pulled from a disk will be readable by your modern computer as software and operating systems have changed drastically since the late 80s and early 90s.

Can’t find what you’re looking for or have further questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at (717) 283-4737 and speak with us!
You can also use the contact form below to send us an email and we will respond to you as soon as possible.