3 steps to pristine audio

1. Clean and repair
Vinyl records: You just cannot get great sound from a dirty album. If your album has not been stored properly, it may have dirt embedded in the grooves. We clean your album with professional tools and cleaners. If you want to get rid of the pops and crackles, we can use digital tools for an additional charge.

Audio Cassettes: Typical repairs include placing spools in a new cassette case, repairing rips and bad splices, killing mold, and heat reconditioning. Older tapes (from mid 80s back to earliest years) often require “tape baking” (see below) in order to make them play. Don’t worry, we won’t try to scam you with made-up repairs. We will call or email you before we proceed with any repair.

Open Reel-to-Reel: Some tapes require a “tape baking.” Some reels are not able to be “baked.” We can often tell upon visual inspection or as soon as we try to play the tape if it needs baking or if it cannot be converted. Often the tape will stick to itself and start to squeal. It may start to “delaminate” If we agree to bake a reel, be at ease and know it’s controlled with an accurate thermostat and does not damage the tapes in any manner. DO NOT TRY TO BAKE YOUR TAPES AT HOME IN YOUR OVEN. We use special equipment for this purpose.

2. Digitize and filter
Vinyl records: We use linear tracking turntables where the needle tracks along the grooves putting the least amount of wear on the surface.

We can take out the static pops and clicks. Some people like the sound of the pops – others do not. It’s your choice.

Audio Cassettes and Magnetic Reel-to-Reel tape: We filter out the “hiss” sound and boost bass and mid-range sounds that are sometime lost with old tapes to increase the volume of the human voice relative to other noise.

3. Delivery
CDs, copy to hard drive, or download is included in the cost.


* micro cassette tape
* Vinyl and acetate 33, 45, 78
* 8-track
* and more… just ask!