Film Transfers - 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16 mm

Our all-inclusive price includes any necessary cleaning, repair, and transfer to DVD or digital file.

Our Process:

  • Inspect and Clean

    If necessary, we inspect and clean film to reduce brittleness using industry standard, safety-tested film cleaner and lubricant.

  • Repair any broken splices

    Splices wear apart over time, we'll fix them up!

  • Digitize each frame of film

    Unlike our competition, we keep your film on their original reels. We do NOT splice them all onto one large reel.

  • Edit and Color Correct

    We'll do our best to make the footage look as true to life as possible. You can also add on our scene-by-scene color correction service to make it look better than the original!

  • Delivery

    Receive your film on a DVD with moving-montage background, or as digital files for your viewing pleasure.

Our equipment:
We use the latest HD scanning technology. Some highlights:
• heatless LED bulbs won’t burn your film. Your film is transferred without the use of old 500 watt bulbs.
• “sprocketless” feed system cannot “chew up” your film like old projectors
• frame-by-frame scanning takes out the blur of older conversion technology
• “over-scanning” shows you the complete film frame, better than you would see if you projected the film at home on the “silver screen”