Personal and professional media transfer specialists.


All digital files can be delivered on a USB “thumbdrive” formatted for Mac or PC, or on DVD/CD.

Small orders can be uploaded to Dropbox for web download.

Our normal turnaround period is 3 to 8 weeks. We compete on quality and price, but are a little slower than some other services. We think it is worth the wait.

VIDEO TAPES: VHS, VHS-C, Video 8mm, Hi 8mm, Digital8, miniDV, Betamax, DVCAM

Delivery method: DVD, web upload, external drive.
Includes color saturation enhancement and “jagged edge” cropping.

Our DVDs are professional quality discs with a white printable face and identifying text in a classy white paperboard flip-style low profile case. We typically put 1 tape on 1 DVD. Your first DVD is included with the $15 charge per tape. Each extra DVD is $3.

Our DVDs are not locked in any way. You can make copies of the DVDs or we can make extra copies for you.

Don’t want a DVD? You’ll want a digital file. Digital files are placed online so you can share with friends or on a “thumbdrive” or hard drive. We can purchase a hard drive for you, or you can supply us with one. They cost between $10 and $100, typically. Digital files are in the universally accepted MPEG4 format. We can also deliver Quicktime or AVI movies in DV or ProRes format.

We can’t legally convert copyrighted content, like TV or commercial movies. If a tape is blank or has copyrighted material (like a TV show) we won’t make a DVD or digital file from it. There is a $1 charge per tape for these items because it takes us time and machine wear to view them and make sure there isn’t hidden desirable material later in the tape. For example, sometimes people used the same tape to record TV and also family moments. We have to scan the entire tape to make sure this doesn’t happen.

PROFESSIONAL FORMATS SUCH AS BETACAM or BETA SP, 3/4" uMatic, and HDV are $35 for basic conversion.

$35 per TAPE
Delivered on DVD, as digital file online or hard drive. Or all three!

• Our editors (humans, not computers!) clean up your entire video to create an Interactive DVD menu with custom chapter index scene “buttons” that relate to the beginning of each new scene so that you can jump right to your favorite scene. Unlike our competition, we do not use inaccurate “algorithms” (huh?) to create your index.
• Color-correction- in other words, we fix what your camera got wrong.
• Contrast and brightness enhancement.
• Removal of “fuzzy snow” and blank areas.
• If we upload to online or put on a hard drive, each tape and scene would be its own unique video file in MPEG4 format. We can also deliver Quicktime or AVI movies in DV or ProRes format.
• Extra DVDs are $3 more.

PROFESSIONAL FORMATS SUCH AS BETACAM or BETA SP (notBetaMax), 3/4" uMatic, and HDV are $35 for basic conversion.

Want to be a producer? Try editing with a real editor. You call the shots as we edit for only $30 per hour. Typical edit sessions are about an hour or two.

If you would like both DVDs and video files on a hard drive or online, we give you a 50% discount on the second service. For example, if one tape costs $15 to create a DVD, we would create a digital file for $7.50. We can supply you with a hard drive (they cost between $10 and $100), or you can supply us with one. We can format the drive and files for Mac or PC.You can edit this file in an application like iMovie or Window’s Movie Maker. You can download any file we put online, or simply watch it through a web browser, and share the link with friends!

Moldy and/ or broken tapes will require cleaning and repair @$15 per tape.

FOREIGN VHS and 8mm video (PAL and SECAM for example) converted for $35 per tape.

MINI DVDS We can create a standard size DVD or digital file from a miniDVD for $15. Sometimes we will need your DVD Camcorder to “finalize” the disc in order to access it on our computers.


MOTION PICTURE FILM 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm film
We use the latest frame-by-frame film scanners to capture your films in HD. In other words, we do not use projectors to project on a wall and capture with a video camera!
We inspect and repair your film before using our HD scanners.
We have transferred film as old as 1930! Learn more.
Minor film repairs are included in cost. If your film is moldy, crinkled, cracking, or smell like vinegar, we can fix it, but more TLC may be needed. We will evaluate your film and let you know our opinion on the best way forward to preserve your films. We might suggest soaking your film in a restorative film bath. This softens the film and stabilizes it. Soaking costs $20 per reel. We then must slowly hand inspect each foot of film. We will always contact you before we attempt any repairs that incur additional cost.

15 cents per foot. The average 3 inch (50 ft) reel would cost $7.50.
Our HD digital scanner does a pretty great job at exposing the brightness the film correctly. Our standard service is great if you don’t know what’s on your films and just want them preserved at a reasonable cost. If your film is very dark, or if the wrong film stock was used by grandpa when shooting and the faces look orange or blue then you might want our scene-by-scene color-correction service below.

30 cents per foot. The average 3 inch reel (50 ft) would cost $15.
With SCENE-BY-SCENE color-correction we fix every scene with the goal of perfection. This takes a human touch to fix bad colors, damage, dark scenes, etc.

Each film reel is identified with a serial number starting at 01, and each scene within your reel is identified as a decimal. For example, If there are 3 scenes on Reel 1, your DVD index would identify each scene as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and then go on to Reel 2.
We deliver digital files as the universally accepted MPEG4 format (for most consumers). We can also supply Quicktime Apple ProRes or AVI in MJPEG CODEC for advanced users.
If you would like uncompressed video files as AVI MJPEG, we can deliver these without color-correction for the same price.

Please note that even though we capture your films in HD, DVDs are inherently standard definition. Of course, we can supply HD digital video files instead of DVDs.

If you would like both a DVD and the files on a hard drive, we give you a 50% discount on the second service. So for example if your DVDs cost $50, and you also want HD digital files on a thumbdrive, we would discount the digital files by 50% ($25), for a total of $75 for both a DVD and digital files.

AUDIO: 33, 45, or 78 rpm records
CD or digital files are included in the cost. We use a antistatic brush to remove surface dust on each album.
$20 per album.
Professional album cleaning for soiled albums, crackle and noise reduction costs $20 extra.

Audio Cassette: $15 each cassette includes volume level increase and treble hiss reduction.

Open Reel-to-Reel and 8 track tape: 75 cents per minute.
Price includes noise reduction to remove hissing. Pitch adjustment $.50 cents per minute extra (this is extremely uncommon).
audio reel lengths

$1 per photo, and $2 per slide. PLEASE CONTACT US ABOUT BULK DISCOUNTS. Photos are scanned at 600 dpi, slides are scanned at 1000 dpi. That’s super high quality! Slide conversions include incredible dust removal. Our competitors don’t even come close. We upload these to a private website where you can download them, or send them to a photo printer for home delivery. We can also put them on a USN thumbdrive as JPEGS or TIFFs. You can supply the hard drive or we can purchase 1 for you (they cost between $10 to $100 depending on capacity).

Need a slideshow?

$200 for 50 images made into a slideshow. Slideshows include your choice of music and we custom edit each song to perfectly match the length of your video and try to align appropriate lyrics with images. Each image plays for approx. 5 seconds.


With our process we guarantee 100% accuracy. We test every DVD or CD to make sure it is an exact clone of the original. No duds. You can achieve that peace of mind only with our service. And, we include a case in the price.
$20 for the first copy and then $3 for additional disc.

We print a color face label, and supply you with a classy white paperboard flip-style case. We do not use the typical DVD “Amaray” or “Jewel” case, and we do not print cases, sleeves, or inserts.

We can also put your mini DVD on a standard DVD for $15. Please note that your mini DVD may need to be “finalized” using the same brand video camera as was used to capture the video. For example, if you used a Sony DVD camcorder and did not “finalize” the disc, we will have to finalize it for you. We charge $5 for finalization. If you still have the camera, it is helpful if you bring it in or ship it to us with your miniDVDs.

We print directly on the DVD/CD. We DO NOT use paper labels on our discs. We use classy white flip-open paperboard cases that have a smaller form factor than bulky black DVD cases and they don’t break like CD jewel cases.

Floppy Disk:
Macintosh Apple Floppy Disk copy to CD/ thumbdrive. Yes you read it correctly. We can still look at those old floppy disks: $50 each


FILM REPAIR: Repairs to Super 8mm and 8mm film are included in the cost.

$15 per tape including:
• killing of mold
• broken tapes (splices repaired)
• tapes that you have tried to repair yourself with scotch tape (yikes!) cannot be transferred and will have to be re-spliced
• “seized” tapes that won’t play or rewind have to go through a special time-intensive controlled heat conditioning process. We will call before undertaking such measures.




Combining film, video, and slideshows onto one DVD. We charge $30 per hour of our editor’s time, and it is typically under an hour.

Extra copies: Additional DVDs and CDs with a conversion order: ONLY $3.

*under copyright law, if you own a piece of media (commercial album, CD, etc.), you may have one backup copy for yourself, HOWEVER WE DO NOT COVERT COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL, NOR MATERIAL WITH ADULT CONTENT.

**Please note there is a minimum order of $15, unless you are a repeat customer.

RUSH orders are subject to 100% extra charge. For example, 1 basic videotape conversion would cost $30 instead of $15 if you want it before our normal 3 to 8 week turnaround period.