About My Digital Conversion

We are a small, what you might call a “boutique” conversion business, in that we prefer to focus on quality at a fair price, possibly at the expense of time. In other words, we aren’t the fastest, but we do fine work.

I have a degree in Film Studies & English Literature from the University of Pittsburgh and another degree in Business Administration from Albright College in Reading, PA. Why do I need 2 degrees? My first love is film. My second is business. Maybe I’ll get another someday.

My first film was shot and edited completely on Super 8mm motion picture film (yes, actual film), and I have been an enthusiast of the medium ever since. I started editing professionally on the very first computerized editing systems in 1995 when a 1 GB drive cost $10,000. Now you can get 1000 GBs for under $100.

After college, I worked in post-production for over 10 years, with shows airing on PBS, Discovery Channel, TLC, NBC, and National Geographic. I state this fact not to show off, but so that you know I understand best practices and professional, broadcast quality methods of converting your media.

I am now a small business owner and freelance videographer and editor.

I manage every aspect of your digital conversion, implementing professional studio grade equipment. Our specialists and editors treat your media with the utmost care.

Our home base:

Photo Credit: Howie Hartman www.doublehmedia.com/